Climb these peaks in the Adirondacks and Catskills with standing firetowers (but, um, don't climb all the towers as many are in disrepair). See more info on the ADK site:


Highest peak

Hunter Mountain

4,040 ft / 1,231 m

Most prominent peak

Black Mountain

2,280 ft / 694 m

Most summited peak

Hunter Mountain

159 summits

Most difficult peak

no info yet

Difficulty breakdown

no info yet

Top climbing months

October   11%

July   11%

September  10%

"Headed up to check out the new parking lot for the Willow trail, as reported by Right-On last month, and visit the summits of Carl and Tremper mountains. No recent tracks beyond the SW peak of Carl mountain on the Warner Creek trail. Bare booted all the way to the tower, no need for snowshoes or spikes. Before heading back I climbed the tower for a better view." - Tremper Mountain, Nimblefoot, Dec 5, 2018
"Beautiful day for a snowy snowshoe hike with the Trails and Ales crew (Paul Curless, Shane Curless, Mark Earle and myself Roger Meunier) and one guest from the Brockville hiking club (Michelle Cassibo), Unfortunately we lost a brother that day (Mark Earle) on the decent of an apparent heart attack,, A sad day for everyone involved! As far as the summit goes was a beautiful view and a fire tower bonus covered in fresh snow and ice feathers,, So glad that Mark was able to make the summit and finished his ADK Fire Tower Challenge quest before his untimely death,, A toast to Mark and all his ende" - Owls Head Mountain, ramjet1963, Dec 1, 2018
"What can I say............Jubilation followed by pure trauma and heartbreak. Our good friend, hiking partner & brother finally completed the Fire Tower challenge, on what would prove to be, his final peak. Mark Earle (Peakery Member MarkEarle67) sadly suffered a massive heart attack on the way down, and despite our best efforts with CPR, he sadly passed away in his "happy place". He always wanted to go out this way, quick, painless and in the Mountains. Fly high Brother, keep climbing..............RIP MarkEarle67." - Owls Head Mountain, UK-Ranger, Dec 1, 2018
" Beautiful blue sky day with no clouds or wind. Parked in the winter lot then bare-booted down the road to the summer lot walking in tire tracks from a large truck that continued past the trailhead. Broke out a snowshoe track through the crust covered snow up to the tower and cabin. The thermometer on the cabin was registering 19*. Climbed to the upper most landing just under the cab of the tower to take in the fabulously clear view." - Red Hill, Nimblefoot, Nov 23, 2018
"Black Mountain November 10th, 2018 7:18a I started at about 6:45 this morning, I wanted to finish this mountain before work at 11a. The trail is covered in snow and even as I write this the snow is still falling. The only sounds to be heard are the streams running by and the wind blowing through the trees. I am about a mile in, so halfway, and have only been out here for a half an hour or so. It's so cold that in order to write I need to hold my glasses in my mouth or else they fog up when I breath. 7:48a I know people say you can never wear too many layers but, OH MY GOD, I am sweati" - Black Mountain, devenmosher24, Nov 14, 2018