8,324 ft / 2,537 m


244 ft / 74 m


8 summits

Top climbing months

April   25%

July   25%

November   25%

Most climbed route

Oak Glen Divide Trail

"Yucaipa Ridge Traverse! Allen to Little San Gorgonio. Stashed a bike at the Vivian Creek TH, then drove back and left the car at the entrance to the Bearpaw Reserve. From Little San G, descended a sketchy gully to Mill Creek then a quick bike ride to close the loop. In the 2 miles around Cedar Mountain, the Oak Glen Divide Trail essentially disappears turning this essentially into a cross-country hike." - klotito, Apr 22, 2018
"An incredible journey through the wild to get there. Yucaipa ridge is like no other place I've hiked. Wilderness areas generally have groomed trails, campsites and rangers. This place is truly wild. I felt like Muir must have, wandering in the untouched mountains." - jimduvall, Jul 3, 2015



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