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Catamount Mt. Trail

"Headed up to Lake Placid with Kim on Friday night and happened to run into some friends at Dancing Bears and had some drinks. The original plan for Saturday morning was to hike Jay Mountain, but the weather was forecasted to be overcast and rainy, so I didn't want to hike the exposed ridge without views and in rain the whole time. I made the decision to hike Catamount and didn't realize that Kim had already hiked it with Kellie. We got to the trailhead around 9:30am and were the first people out on the trail. It ended up being a beautiful day minus the wind. The skies were clear and blue and i" - LGH-Tom, Oct 20, 2018
"Hiked with Tom. I didn't realize that I had already hiked this mountain with his sister until we made it to the small rock scramble when you leave the treeline. It was still a nice hike. Beautiful blue skies even though it was kind of windy. Foliage is well past peak with the majority of the leaves already on the ground. Still a nice day to hike and we stopped at Big Slide brewery on the way out of town for some poutine!" - Kim-Stilson, Oct 20, 2018
"A great day exploring some of the LP 9 mountains. Van Ho treated us to a little sleet and snow along with incredible views of the High Peaks and Catamount gave up some fun scrambles and phenomenal views." - deb-and-rob, Oct 12, 2018
"Hit Catamount for the second time. This time we took along 2 friends and my Daughter for their first trip up here. This is a great peak with some interesting sections that a are a lot different to the regular through the forest slog." - UK-Ranger, Jun 16, 2018
"Hiked with Kim. Had a bit of a late start, but since we knew it was a small hike, no big deal, even though we took our sweet time, we were still out hours before we lost daylight. I think we started on the trail around 10:15 or so. Our snowshoes had a nice ride on our backs the entire hike! It was absolutely gorgeous weather today, with temps in the 50’s and stellar blue skies. The beginning of the trail was wide & snow covered but not deep by any means. We got a little goobered up by some weird trail that continued straight-ish from the main trail, it was very heavily survey taped & spray pai" - kellieirene, Apr 22, 2018



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