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Took my 3 and a half year old daughter out for her third hike in as many weeks. Figured we would try something a little longer and harder than her previous (Shelving Rock and Pilot Knob). Part way up we missed a junction and ended up on the old trail. When we got to the next junction I saw the trail we should have come up (the one I went up with the LGLC during the Hike-a-Thon). Looks like maybe they’re letting the old trails grow up before really establishing the newer ones. If it wasn’t for trail markers the trail would be hard to follow since it doesn’t look defined due to being a lesser used trail. Black flies were out in full force., not so much on the trail, but the top was a giant swarm. The big nets may look dumb, but it was a relief to not have any in my eyes, nose, ears, or mouth. Just an annoying buzz from whatever bugs swarmed our heads. A mile and a half further and steeper than any trail before and Lexi did great.


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It was a good idea to protect your daughter from those annoying flies. It is not ridiculous.