1.11.2020....5 miles, 2,100’ gain. 2nd attempt. I want this Castle Tower solo and under my own power and ability or I won’t be satisfied. I spent over an hour and a half trying to crack the code. (I spent the week practicing rappelling and webbing organization.) I made it up the first perch but I was overwhelmed by the next section which was around the corner on a ledge. I scooted on my butt around the corner but the rest looked horrible and I was too scared to do it. The Rock is cruddy and I am just not experienced enough to rock climb at this level without webbing protection and to protect it, I have to climb it and set it up at the top. I was completely defeated and cried many tears at the bottom of the Castle today. Leaving and admitting defeat was difficult. Sad face.
On a positive note, my summit approach was different and difficult with an overhung class 4 climb I had to do to break through the cliffs. I had to mantle up with my left shoulder and my hand hold was loose and the foothold was on slippery lichen. I was challenged today despite the fail. I took my husbands Durango so I got closer. I could get even closer next time.