14,272 ft / 4,350 m

#14 in Colorado

#37 in United States


2,365 ft / 721 m

#40 in Colorado

#678 in United States


60 summits

#36 in Colorado

#517 in United States

Top climbing months

July   31%

August   20%

September  18%

Most climbed route

Northeast Ridge via Castle Creek

12.9 mi • 5,274 ft gain • Class 2


  • Castle Peak is the highest Colorado 14er in the Elk Range and resembles an eroded castle.
  • The best climbing months are June, July, August, September through the Montezuma Glacier, a permanent snowfield between Castle and Conundrum Peaks.
  • There are two standard routes for ascent: 1) The Northwest Ridge features a moderate snow climb followed by an easy ridge scramble. 2) The Northeast Ridge features an easy snow climb, but slightly harder scrambling and route-finding once on the ridge. This route offers great glissading.
  • Conundrum Peak, a sub-summit of Castle Peak above 14,000 feet, is often climbed in conjunction with Castle Peak but since it doesn't satisfy the 300 ft promimence cutoff it is not included in the popular 14er challenge.
14 summits • 12.9 mi • 5,274 ft gain • 11 hr 17 min • Class 2