9,103 ft / 2,774 m


1,363 ft / 415 m


52 summits

Top climbing months

July   21%

September  17%

January   13%

Most climbed route

standard trail route


  • Popular hike and backcountry skiing summit near I-80, Donner Pass, and the Nevada border.
  • In the Tahoe National Forest not far off the Pacific Crest Trail.
"Finally got a chance to climb some peaks for Peak Month (other than Bald Hill which I do so often I don't count it). Ran the Castle Peak 100K for the first time, and Castle Peak would be the first of four summits that day. After a relatively easy first 20 miles or so, things got difficult in the heat of the day as we navigated the rocky terrain north and west of the peak. Lots of ups and downs and my feet/legs took a beating. From the Devil's Oven aid station we climbed steadily up the ridge to the summit. Castle Peak is made up of three main outcroppings of rock, none of which is on the " - rsnipes, Aug 18, 2018
"This was the first of three peaks today. This was the main peak I was going after and decided to go after Basin Peak and Andesite Peak while I was in the area. Castle was the hardest to summit of the three by far. There was some steep switchbacks with a lot of loose gravel. I had read some of the descriptions of the true summit and was pretty nervous about what laid ahead. As I got closer and closer to the top I saw the back side of the eastern most turret and thought there was no way I was going to climb up that. Since I was up there, I thought I might as well see what it looked like fr" - Sledhead29, Jun 28, 2018
"Castle Peak & Andesite Peak – Snow shoeing Hiked from the trailhead in boots until we got to Castle Pass. Put on snow shoes and ascended to the top. 1:30 to the top. Enjoyed the views and was hoping for more snow to cover the area. Hiked to Castle Pass for lunch and then on to Andesite ridge to the pass. Total time walking was 2:45. Due to the lack of snow, the trailhead parking lot, which is normally closed due to snow, had cars parked on both sides of the narrow road. This made it difficult to get out with the car. We have not had a storm in awhile and this one of the few areas wit" - mj3920, Jan 13, 2018
"Hiked up in snow fields until Castle Pass, then a snow free trail to the summit. 15' vertical climb to the very top. Hiked in boots & used poles, but snow pretty consolidated. Got loose by afternoon." - julier, Jul 1, 2017
"No snow at the start, and parking available on the side of the road (before the gate). Lots of snow coverage fairly soon after starting, but trail is free of snow from Castle Pass to the top. Climbed the true summit, the furthest east of the three rock formations. It has the USGS marker and a repository for signatures. There is about 15-20 feet of vertical climbing to get to the top of the summit block." - TCH, Jul 1, 2017



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