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"Super nice warm day, mostly in the 40s. Lots of sunshine. Tops of the northern pressie were all shrouded from Mt Hight. But by the time we got to Carter Dome, they had lifted. Beautiful blue sky and not a bit of breeze on Carter Dome. We were the only ones up there." - Alohabuffy, Mar 1, 2018
"After South Carter, I went down then up Carter Dome. Didn't stay long on the summit. Headed back and went down Carter Dome Tr, then down 19 Mile Brook Tr to my car. Some good Gridding today." - newenglandwarrior, Dec 7, 2017
"As part of hike from South Carter to Mount Hight to Carter Dome to Carter Notch hut and across Wildcats. With daughter. 15 hours hiking total. Very steep, long descent from Carter Dome to hut. Ascent up to Mount Hight totally worth the 360 degree view. Perfect day. mid-50s to mid-60s. Needed gloves atop Hight. " - Lester37, Aug 26, 2017
"I was going to get Mt Hight because it was a beautiful day, but when I went past the trail, it was not broken out. So I scratched that idea. I postholed below the summit of Carter Dome, about knee deep. Yuck. After tagging the summit, I went down Carter Dome. I put on snowshoes partway down and kept them on until I reached the parking lot. This made it tricky when I reached 19 Mile Brook Tr because there was a combo of monorail and bare ground. " - newenglandwarrior, Apr 14, 2017
"Some crazy red-lining and my first overnighter being done in the Wild River Wilderness. Approached Carter Dome via Black Angel Tr, then went down Rainbow Tr to Wild River Tr back to Spruce Brook Campsite." - newenglandwarrior, Aug 6, 2016



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