Ontario peaks

776 peaks

Highest peak

Ishpatina Ridge

2,275 ft / 693 m

Most summited peak

Dillons Mountain

18 summits

Most prominent peak

Limestone Mountain

995 ft / 303 m prom

Ontario summits

375 summits

First Ascent Awards

99 of 776 peaks 12%

Top climbing months

March 25%

September 14%

July 12%

Ontario mountains highlights

"Went with several members of the Brockville Hiking Club to what turned out to be a GREAT area, well worth the $7 entry fee! It may have only been a 3.2km trail, but it was PACKED with amazing sights, and of course the main attraction of the Hell Hole cave." - Devil's Crown, RangersApprentice, Jul 28, 2018
"A little side trip up to the unique rock features on a visit to Hell Holes. Awesome area with some really cool and unique features. I'd recommend a trip here to anyone local. The top of Devil's crown is not on the trail, but it isn't overly difficult to get up to either." - Devil's Crown, UK-Ranger, Jul 28, 2018
"A great spontaneous hike with some good friends - Salmon Lake Lookout is always a great place to visit for excellent views that can be reached with just a few hours of hiking." - Salmon Lake Lookout, RangersApprentice, Jun 10, 2018
"3rd time up here, and it's stunning every time. An impromptu hike around the Frontenacs to this old favourite. A first for one of our friends, second time for 2 others. We then headed out to Big Clear Lake Lookout. A first time for our 3 companions. " - Salmon Lake Lookout, UK-Ranger, Jun 10, 2018
"For those expecting to find a fire tower here, there isn't one. 3rd and easiest peak of the day, thought we were going to check out an old fire tower. It seems that it's been removed. Shame, views weren't too bad though." - Kennellys Mountain, UK-Ranger, Mar 17, 2018

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