New Brunswick peaks

513 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Carleton

2,690 ft / 819 m

Most summited peak

Mount Carleton

11 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Carleton

2,034 ft / 619 m prom

New Brunswick summits

89 summits

First Ascent Awards

42 of 513 peaks 8%

Top climbing months

July 28%

August 17%

June 14%

New Brunswick mountains highlights

"I took Ting-Ru, Yung-Han, Yingbing, and Wushuang along with Mary's group to the summit of Flat Top Mountain. The dusting of snow was the first encounter for Yung-Han and Wushuang. The girls also were introduced to geocaching." - Flat Top Mountain, jak5280, Dec 3, 2017
"Hiked to both the summits of Mawhane Mountain and Turtle Mountain, for a total distance of 22.3 km. The distance from where I started hiking to Turtle Mtn is 19.5 km (return), but the return distance to Mawhane Mtn was an additional 2.8 km. Total actual hiking time was 5 hours to do both." - Turtle Mountain, daveward, Aug 7, 2017
"Stephen MacLean, Jacob, Maggie, and I headed off on an overcast, low cloud day to Moose Mountain. Alternating hard showers along the way were not encouraging; however, the day ended up being pretty good, though the blackflies were pretty good too. The 5.5 km round trip hike, included a detour through the cutover forest and both the east and west peaks." - Moose Mountain, jak5280, Jun 4, 2017
"Hiked Chickahominy not really knowing what to expect as we are fairly new to the area. It was fantastic!! Wish we had of checked it out months ago. Our dog was a huge fan as well. Love the technical rocky terrain near the top, although it can be a little icy this time of year. " - Chickahominy Mountain, martinamartin, Jan 31, 2017
"The NBPeaKING group tried their first ever snowshoe summit. After getting stuck on the snowy, icy road, we turned around and snowshoed the rest of the way to the trailhead, then abandoned snowshoes and headed on foot to the summit." - Bald Hill, jak5280, Jan 14, 2017

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