British Columbia peaks

7,763 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Fairweather

15,325 ft / 4,671 m

Most summited peak

Grouse Mountain

77 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Fairweather

12,962 ft / 3,951 m prom

British Columbia summits

3,362 summits

First Ascent Awards

1069 of 7,763 peaks 13%

Top climbing months

July 20%

August 19%

September 12%

British Columbia mountains highlights

  • The St Elias Mountains in far northern BC include its highest, Mt Fairweather at 4671 m, lying only 20km east of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Eastern BC is mountain country... dominated by the breathtaking Canadian Rockies and Columbia Mountains (broken into the Cariboo, Selkirk, Monashee, and Purcell ranges) in the south.
  • BC's rugged Coast Mountains line the 27,000 km of Pacific coastline, topped by 4,019 m Mt Waddington
  • 75% of British Columbia is mountainous. That's almost 700,000 km2 of mountain terrain, 4 times the size of Great Britain. Mind-blowingly huge.
"13.31km with 1,840m gain in 8:30hrs. Perfect weather, blue skies and no wind. Prairie Mountain and Pocaterra combined and on steroids: firstly, it a very steep slope with about 1,000-1,200m gain, then some scree and, finally, loose and very exposed ridge. No easy way down. " - Mount Stephen, alexp, Jul 15, 2018
"Another bluebird day. Michael, KiwiLisa, Rida, Erich, Billy, Tigris, and I went up over Marmolatta-Pigeon Feathers col through the cornice and into the south basin for some unfinished business. Last year Rob, Erich and I had attempted a "reverse" Kain (1916) traverse of the 5 peaks but got stymied by cornices east of Howse Peak. This time we went straight for Rock Ridge Peak and easily led up the snow on the NW face and onto the ridge for an easy scramble to the summit. Great day out on the glacier with no one around. Descended over the cornice back down the col and home. 11 hrs." - Rock Ridge Peak, alexjoseph, Jul 14, 2018
"Day 1 of the 3rd annual CSMC Bugaboos camp. I brought my oldest daughter Tigris in for the first time. Her, Billy and I did the Pigeon circuit up B-S col up the spire and down in 3.5 hrs and then around the south side and home. Great day and nice to move with speed up and down the spire with no one else around." - Pigeon Spire, alexjoseph, Jul 13, 2018
"A nice change of pace after scrambling up Mount Whymper. The views slightly different and worth the trip if you got the time and some extra energy. Broke one of my poles on the way down." - Whymper W1, Randy, Jul 9, 2018
"climbed this one with Guanaco peak. We camped on the col for fun. Bad idea, lots of mosquitos, though better than lower down. From there it was only 15 minutes to the top of either peak." - Vicuna Peak, PabloBruneau, Jul 9, 2018

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