British Columbia peaks

7,753 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Fairweather

15,325 ft / 4,671 m

Most summited peak

Grouse Mountain

75 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Fairweather

12,979 ft / 3,955 m prom

British Columbia summits

3,254 summits

First Ascent Awards

1041 of 7,753 peaks 13%

Top climbing months

August 20%

July 20%

September 12%

British Columbia mountains highlights

  • 75% of British Columbia is mountainous. That's almost 700,000 km2 of mountain terrain, 4 times the size of Great Britain. Mind-blowingly huge.
  • BC's rugged Coast Mountains line the 27,000 km of Pacific coastline, topped by 4,019 m Mt Waddington
  • Eastern BC is mountain country... dominated by the breathtaking Canadian Rockies and Columbia Mountains (broken into the Cariboo, Selkirk, Monashee, and Purcell ranges) in the south.
  • The St Elias Mountains in far northern BC include its highest, Mt Fairweather at 4671 m, lying only 20km east of the Pacific Ocean.
"Our first hike up in British Columbia - with the recent snow, cold weather, and our unfamiliarity with the area, we decided to try the Howe Sound Crest Trail out of Cypress and see how far we could get towards the Lions. The road up to Cypress was nicely plowed and we arrived at the parking area just as people were pouring in on a bluebird New Year's Eve Day at about 7:50 am. Some other people saw our snowshoes and chatted us up, which was nice, since they notified us that we had to self-register and carry tags, and also let us know how to access the trail via the "winter route" by the ski l" - St. Marks Summit, BryHong8, Dec 31, 2017
"A steep ascent over deadfall and bigger blocks. After that delightful ridge scrambling (moderate/difficult). Ran out of water and had to ration for the way down. Drank plenty of water once back at the car." - Bootleg Mountain, BertB, Aug 19, 2017
"Walked to the actual summit for the first time. We parked on Beckenridge Court and walked up the trails along the south western slopes. At the top I accidental grabbed the largest black widow I have ever seen who was lurking with the summit geocache; thankfully, we both parted without harm." - Mount Dilworth, Jesse, Aug 19, 2017
"4am start, glacier was in good condition to cross. Another group above is sent some missiles down at us from above. Serious rockfall hazards on this route. Went over the 5.3 crux and rappels on the way down. Perfect weather for it" - Mount Victoria North Peak, ken_hercules, Aug 18, 2017
"Left Calgary at 2:30am, trailhead at 4:30. Took a wrong turn in the morning after the teahouse and backtracked ~1km. A weak freeze overnight but decent conditions on the glacier with fairly well bridged crevasses. The shrund was a little challenging to get over - I was glad to have a technical ice tool. Nasty rockfall from parties above on the scrambling section above the bergshrund. We walked along the summit cornice neve and onto the North glacier of Mt Vic, the terrain is easy but insanely exposed. We regained the ridge and scrambled to the crux, we pitched out the crux and both found it mo" - Mount Victoria North Peak, BobbyG, Aug 18, 2017

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