British Columbia peaks

7,764 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Fairweather

15,325 ft / 4,671 m

Most summited peak

Grouse Mountain

80 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Fairweather

12,962 ft / 3,951 m prom

British Columbia summits

3,616 summits

First Ascent Awards

1103 of 7,764 peaks 14%

Top climbing months

August 20%

July 20%

September 12%

British Columbia mountains highlights

  • The St Elias Mountains in far northern BC include its highest, Mt Fairweather at 4671 m, lying only 20km east of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Eastern BC is mountain country... dominated by the breathtaking Canadian Rockies and Columbia Mountains (broken into the Cariboo, Selkirk, Monashee, and Purcell ranges) in the south.
  • BC's rugged Coast Mountains line the 27,000 km of Pacific coastline, topped by 4,019 m Mt Waddington
  • 75% of British Columbia is mountainous. That's almost 700,000 km2 of mountain terrain, 4 times the size of Great Britain. Mind-blowingly huge.
"An awesome rustic, hard trail leads up to the top of Mt Jardine. We saw Golden eagle and Peregrine Falcon on the way up. Had sun rain and snow through the day. Awesome climb. " - Mount Jardine, robertlemmond, Sep 11, 2018
"The plan was to leave Calgary after a meeting at 10am and get Carnarvon done before the snow flies...Didn't leave Calgary until 11:30am and with smoke in the air (again) ended up stopped at construction on HWY1 for unknown wait times of 60-90 min we turned around and went for Narao. Welcome to BC...bushwacking then fairly endless scree. At least upper ridge was fun and the views were spectacular with fading sun as we summitted at 6pm. Endless scree descent down an avalanche path and 4km road walk out to car. Home by 11:30pm. 7 hrs round trip via Ross Lake. Thanks Babette for join" - Narao Peak, alexjoseph, Sep 7, 2018
"CSMC trip. Planned as an "moderate scramble" but turned out to an alpine climb in high col. Got some strong wind gusts, snow, freezing rain. Bailed by summit ridge. Never seen the summit yesterday, all the time it was in clouds." - Mistaya Mountain, alexp, Sep 2, 2018
"This was the "easiest" choice of what I had left. Went solo and pounded this one out. Not sure if I took the correct gully up. I ended up taking the one closest to the main wall, which might have been one too far to the left. Made it up the gully, made it to the ridge and subsequently the summit. It was smoky so much much in terms of views at all. Came back down and drove home." - Mount Burgess, BertB, Aug 19, 2018
"Full day! Took the Kane route. Bush wasn't too bad. The traverse to the big gully is tough to identify. 2 cruxes: At the waterfall and a slab traverse at the top. Pretty regular scramble, otherwise. But there's a lot of mountain! Nice challenge." - Chancellor Peak, mike_rogers81, Aug 18, 2018

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