1,184 ft / 361 m


61 ft / 18 m


9 summits

Top climbing months

June   38%

August   23%

January   15%

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Ski lift cut

"A short and steep climb a trail on one of the Camp Fortune ski slopes. It was a very hot and humid day, which made this particular hike a little more difficult than I imagine it would have been had it been a cooler day." - RangersApprentice, Jun 17, 2017
"First time up this one. At first we thought the summit was at the top of the ski slopes, but, the actual summit is further though the trees by the telecomm tower. A nice short and very steep climb. A hot humid day made it tough for some, but myself and my Son pushed on and made the true summit. Nice area with some fantastic views." - UK-Ranger, Jun 17, 2017
"XC Skiied to the top to the radio tower in a very heavy snow at around 10pm, started to head down the north slope when we heard a ton of coyotes (or wolves) howling not 250 metres away from us, so we turned tail and skiied back out the way we came! " - ThunderTundra, Feb 11, 2012
"Skiied up during the day this time, bitter bitter cold with a biting wind. Not too many people in the backcountry today. Took a rest at the radio tower, enjoyed the views and made our way back down across Ch. Dunlop to trail 32, then out via the parkway (our water froze, so we had to book it out!) " - ThunderTundra, Jan 15, 2012
"Ran to the top during the 2011 Spartan Race. This was an extremely hot day, and after having to walk 3 km before the start because of the parking situation, running to the top of the hill was a complete arse buster! " - ThunderTundra, Jul 3, 2011


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