4,083 ft / 1,244 m

#4 in Vermont

#33,925 in United States


1,860 ft / 567 m

#15 in Vermont

#848 in United States


142 summits

#2 in Vermont

#105 in United States

Top climbing months

July   19%

September  15%

June   11%

Most climbed route

Burrows Trail

Class 1 • 2,255 ft / 687 m gain


  • Camels Hump is located in the Green Mountain Range and is Vermont's third-highest mountain and highest undeveloped peak.
  • Camels Hump is more notable for its shape than its height; the mountain's conical silhouette is distinctive.
  • Because of its distinctive profile it is perhaps the state's most recognized mountain.
  • The hiking trails on Camels Hump were among the first cut in the Long Trail system and Camels Hump remains a popular summit for through- and day-hiking.
  • The summit of Camels Hump is home to 10 acres of alpine tundra vegetation.
  • The views from the summit are panoramic, and on a clear day one can see Mount Marcy in New York, Mount Washington in New Hampshire, and Vermont's Mount Mansfield, the highest peaks of these three states.
  • The Long Trail traverses its summit.
  • The mountain is part of Camel's Hump State Park.