4,083 ft / 1,244 m


1,860 ft / 567 m


137 summits

Top climbing months

July   18%

September  16%

June   12%

Most climbed route

Burrows Trail

Class 1 • 2,255 ft / 687 m gain


  • Camels Hump is located in the Green Mountain Range and is Vermont's third-highest mountain and highest undeveloped peak.
  • Camels Hump is more notable for its shape than its height; the mountain's conical silhouette is distinctive.
  • Because of its distinctive profile it is perhaps the state's most recognized mountain.
  • The hiking trails on Camels Hump were among the first cut in the Long Trail system and Camels Hump remains a popular summit for through- and day-hiking.
  • The summit of Camels Hump is home to 10 acres of alpine tundra vegetation.
  • The views from the summit are panoramic, and on a clear day one can see Mount Marcy in New York, Mount Washington in New Hampshire, and Vermont's Mount Mansfield, the highest peaks of these three states.
  • The Long Trail traverses its summit.
  • The mountain is part of Camel's Hump State Park.
"It started out overcast with a few brief showers, but by the time we reached the summit, the clouds had broken up and offered some commanding views of the region. Trail is fairly rocky after the first mile but not crazy like Mt Mansfield (which we did 2 days prior)." - marc, Aug 9, 2018
"Pretty cloudy at times, 40 degs at the trailhead, about 30 at the summit with a solid 20 mph wind from the west. We were the only 2 up there. Parked at Burrows and came up Forest City to LT North. Much more fun and challenging that way, especially in winter. Only adds about a mile onto the hike." - Alohabuffy, Feb 26, 2018
"Solo. Started out around 0900 because of the 3 hour drive from my house. I was surprised and pleased to only see a handful of other cars in the lot when I showed up. I quickly got on my way- the first portion of the hike was relatively flat, rocky and rooty. No big water crossings or anything of note. The climb itself was pretty steep, and the temperatures were soaring well above the prediction, I would guess it was nearly 80 out. I was sweating my tail off on the ascent. I met a nice lady and her giant dog on the way up, and said hello to a few folks headed down. There was a nice clearing to " - kellieirene, Jul 5, 2017
"Only 2 degrees F at the trailhead. Did the Burrows Trail up to top. Very icy and treacherous. Absolutely bone chilling at the summit. Cloudy but still clear views. First significant winter hike for me. Left my dog Moose at home...too cold." - mfugel, Jan 14, 2017
"Seeing a trip report, I decided to be aggressive and hike it. I drove 3.5 hours and 135 miles to do this 4.8 mile hike for 2.5 hours. Well packed out trail. Great views from the summit. Sustained winds on the western side that was brutal and some gusts on the eastern side. Great to get another Green Mtn winter peak." - newenglandwarrior, Jan 6, 2017



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