1,528 ft / 466 m


1,528 ft / 466 m


166 summits

Top climbing months

July   25%

August   22%

September  12%

Most climbed route

Auto Road


  • Highest peak in Acadia National Park
  • Auto road ends a tiny stroll away from summit
"Hiked with Thomas. Thursday was going to be the best weather of our trip so we decided to head up to Cadillac and enjoy the views on the way up. Great weather and views of the ocean during the trip up. The weather turned bad overnight and we left Acadia early on Friday morning." - Kim-Stilson, Oct 27, 2016
"Hiked with Kim. We had driven to the summit on our first morning for a pretty mediocre sunrise. The hike itself was really enjoyable but the summit was filled with people and quite windy and cold. We found a picnic table and sat to enjoy a snack and a couple beers. The hike down afforded us great views of the ocean before getting below treeline." - LGH-Tom, Oct 27, 2016
"After Dorr, I dropped down the col and up onto Cadillac. Lots of people on Cadillac as usual. Great to be back. Went to the true high point before descending down South Ridge Tr to Cannon Tr (??) and looping over back to the Tairn and Sieur de Mont. " - newenglandwarrior, Aug 9, 2016
"Scouting trip with the youth in the Madison Ward. Went up with Dad, McKayd, and Keldon and had a blast. Maine was beautiful. We went whitewater rafting down the Kennebec River and then drove up to Acadia National Park for some absolutely gorgeous views. " - kylerlarose, Jul 3, 2015
"My best bud and I ran the 3.5 mile road to the top under a full moon with plenty of time to be there for Sunrise. Fogged in. Boooooo. Still, the moon was amazing and the sun burned through about a quarter of the way back down." - erinjordon, Sep 10, 2014



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