2,930 ft / 893 m


1,994 ft / 608 m


15 summits

Top climbing months

April   18%

August   18%

October   18%

Most climbed route

Minfford path

"Up the Minffordd Path from the car park at Minnfford. Up Craig Lwyd, then Craig Cwm Amarch (now livid to see that Mynnyd Pencoed counts as a peak, as I would have taken that in too) on to Cadair Idris. Then west to The Saddle (Cyfwry), then back up Cadair Idris (does that count as a second summit?) Then on up Mynnyd Moel to the east. The plan was to call it a day there, but it was such nice weather that I continued on Mynnyd Gwerngraig and then onwards east to Gau Craig before a extremely steep descent south-east, following the fence posts to just above the A487, before following the brook alo" - vygodski, Apr 22, 2017
"I started on the Foxes Path from Gwernan Lake, up to the two Llyns, then west beneath Cwfrwy. Lost the path(s) and ended up following a wire-mesh fence straight up the slope (figured someone had been that way before, to put up the fence - if they could, I could). A very steep climb, but topped it just west of the Cwfrwy summit, then an easy walk along the precipice to Penygadair. Gorgeous weather! Took Pony Path down and then the walk back to Dolgellau where the pint was waiting." - MinnesotaBungalow, Sep 19, 2015



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