6,240 ft / 1,902 m


240 ft / 73 m


6 summits

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April   33%

March   16%

July   16%

"I had an ambitious day planned. The goal was to hike the southern six peaks of the desert divide: Rock Point, Butterfly, Ken Point, Lion, Pine, and Pyramid in a loop of sorts, then ride back to my car on a stashed MTB. I lost a lot of time routefinding my way down Rock Point, so it was nice to hit the trails and roads all the way to the old gold mines. The mines are surprisingly deep shaft mines, but there are large iron gates barring entry and to protect the resident bat population. I was able to follow the route around to the S side of the peak and ended struggling up a very indistinct route" - klotito, Mar 18, 2018



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