8,535 ft / 2,601 m


1,735 ft / 529 m


24 summits

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September  19%

December   15%

August   15%

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Car + Forest Route 2N13C

"A nice cool and clear day. While starting the hike about 5 miles away, I could see the lookout tower on top of the peak most of the way. I had the dirt road and the mountain to myself. Even the lookout person failed to show up today. In looking through the window, I saw a huge group of people signed the guest list for the previous day. I guess Wednesdays are for fools like me and the crickets. Very peaceful day, regardless. I started the hike next to Camp Whittle, which probably wasn't the closest starting point but it was convenient for me because I didn't even need to move the car before nex" - Peak-Conquistador, Aug 23, 2017
"Late winter trip after 5-7" of snow. There really wasn't enough snow for good snowshoeing, but I wore them most of the time anyway, occasionally walking over brush on the ridge from Crafts. On the way back I stuck to the north side of the ridge where there was more snow. Totally excellent views from the lookout. " - klotito, Mar 12, 2016



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