3,202 ft / 976 m


1,600 ft / 488 m


9 summits

Top climbing months

September  30%

July   20%

October   20%

"I enjoyed the magnificent trail work on this peak that kept you away from the ski sloped resort that would have detracted from the mountain experience. You can climb the entire mountain without seeing the ski apparatus! Amazing job." - jameshopson, Jul 24, 2014
"After hiking Mt Hor this was our last peak while playing in the NEK for the last five days. We hit most of the trails, viewpoints and climbed the fire tower for a fine view of the surrounding area and the windmill on the summit." - Nimblefoot, Oct 8, 2013
"Husband Frank, Brother-in-law George and I drove close to 200 miles each way, then drove up the toll road. Walked a little way down summit trail, but decided to walk up the road to top instead. I only needed to climb up one flight of the lookout tower for great views." - barbaratraver, Jul 22, 2012



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