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Tongue Mountain Range Trail

"Solo. Out & back from Deer Leap Trailhead on 9N. Started out late late late this morning. To be totally honest, I am not feeling well and didn’t want to hike at all. Starting tomorrow night I’ll be on my 7 day run of overnight shifts though, so I decided to drag my ass out there. Just above Lake George, it started snowing. Ah! There was one other car at the trailhead & a lone set of footprints headed the same direction I was, but I never saw the person. The snow fell steadily for most of my hike, and disguised the thick layer of wet leaves, slippery rocks, odd ice patches, slippery roots and o" - kellieirene, Nov 13, 2017
"Headed up to the Lake George area for an east out and back today. Started from Route 9N and hiked to five mile mountain and back. The trails were in good shape, a couple muddy spots, but overall better than I expected. Views weren't amazing from five mile, but there was a decent opening from which I could see Sleeping Beauty and Buck Mountains across the lake. " - LGH-Tom, Apr 15, 2017
"Hiked over Brown Mountain on the way to Five Mile Mountain. Rain, sleet and snow, followed by wind. See my trip report and pictures at http://www.offonadventure.com/2012/01/fivemile-moutain-11312.html" - Telemarkmike, Jan 13, 2012
"The first peak on a through hike of the Tongue Mountain Range. 5 named peaks on a 10 mile range & a 5 mile walk alongside Lake George at the base of the range to return to the second car. It was a beautiful day for this trip as the foliage here is just reaching it's peak color." - VonSelmer, Sep 26, 2011



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