3,238 ft / 987 m


840 ft / 256 m


32 summits

Top climbing months

July   35%

June   23%

August   14%

Most climbed route

Long Trail

"A beautiful spring day on the Appalachian Trail. Hardpack conditions requiring only micro spikes until the day warms up snowshoes the rest of the day. Summit views to four states five mountain ranges absolutely magnificent!!" - goshen-bagger, Mar 24, 2018
"Climbed on a well broken trail via the Long Trail, but once over the summit and heading north, plunged into 3 to 4 feet of unconsolidated snow..up to our mid thighs. Decided one peak was enough for today. 1700 feet of ascent in 6.5 mile round trip." - jameshopson, Mar 24, 2014
"I hiked the AT from CT into VT in '13. I can't recall dates, so just putting one. Well, I started breaking them up, however I think anyone who reads this will know I didn't do them all in one day...." - kristib, Jun 18, 2013



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