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March   20%

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July   20%

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Garden of Eden Road, TOMEWIN

"Easter Sunday 2014: We summitted Boyds Butte at west end (elevation 520 m) and sat on rock to admire view, much surprised to find large red bellied black snake asleep on next rock. Plan was "From the public car park at Cougal Cascades picnic area at the end of Currumbin Creek Rd we enter the Cougal Nat Park and walk an easy 1.5 k along the tarmac path to the Old Saw Mill. We proceed W along the creek bank for 200 M then cross the creek and at the sharp bend we will take the ridge line route - this is marked with red fluorescent tape on saplings as it climbs away from the creek and is used by t" - CrazyKeith, Apr 20, 2014
"We went from the Tomewin, NSW side, access from end of Garden of Eden road. The twin peaks are actually called the 'Cougals' although it is referred to Boyds Butte on this map, you can actually see the twin peaks on the topo map. As the Cougals are referenced we will use this marker point. The trail mainly follows the old border quarantine fence right up to the East peak. Find the hidden cave just prior to the Eastern summit. We pushed on across the saddle to the Western peak, this was treacherous to say the least. Very loose footing and no room for error at the high exposure points. Watch " - mission96, Jul 13, 2013


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