11,101 ft / 3,384 m


1,621 ft / 494 m


19 summits

Top climbing months

June   47%

August   21%

July   17%

Most climbed route

Deer Creek Trail

"Another great hike. We hiked up from Granite Flats towards the saddle and hiked the north side of Box Elder and then headed down the south side as a loop. We then headed down the remnants of the glacier and did a short glissade down. Then, we hiked back down on the Box Elder trail to Granite Flats. " - jdlynsky, Jul 8, 2016
"Long day hike. Took 44 to the junction with 188, then 188 to the north ridge. This was my second attempt and it was awesome to bag it. The views from the second half of the ridge to the summit were tremendous." - chilledsausage, Aug 24, 2015
"What a long hike! Just shy of 8 hours to finish the whole thing. Great hike, the perfect challenge. Should have worn long pants though. The trail is well defined but overgrown so today my legs are raw!" - Apcook, Aug 24, 2015
"Cole's first summit. He did an amazing job. He had a little trouble on the way down due to climbing in regular kids shoes. Since he made it to the top and had such a good time I guess I'll invest in a good pair of hiking shoes for him. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful time with my son. I look forward to more summits with Cole!" - darinwilson, Jun 26, 2010
"A little-known, seldom-hiked peak in the Timpanogos Wilderness of the Wasatch Front. A beautiful hike, and on a perfect day I saw absolutely no-one! Most people ignore this hike because of the very popular nearby Mount Timpanogos hike, but in my opinion this hike is more enjoyable and the views are better." - seancampmsw, Jul 30, 2009



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