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Slovenia. Bumpy ride through the forest from Mojstrana to Aljazev Dom. Started walking with boots I found in the garage and tested while cutting the lawn. After half an hour the rubber sole of the left boot came lose.. on the way back the right sole fell off.. Not possible to rent boots at hut. We're here now, put on sandals, more grip then other shoes. Climbed out of Vrata Valley to Luknja pass. Very windy, some clouds. Triglav is the first peak of six we want to climb in the Balkans. Inspected the saddle left of the pass, no way we're doing that in these conditions without proper footwear or rope/helmet. Turned right instead. Climbed up this mountain, two germans and a funny Italian on top who took our picture. Went down on the other side. Very slowly, steep and tricky path with cables in between rocks. Lower there were sections of lose rocks, on the right were mountain goats. Got into the forest when it started drizzling. Legs were very tired when we got back. Pulled out tent from backpack. Already dark. Slept on parking lot next to car.

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Luknja Saddle


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Smart decision not to do the hike in sandals. Watch out when sleeping on parking lots or generally outside in Slovenia, you can get a huge fine...