13,147 ft / 4,007 m


253 ft / 77 m


61 summits

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June   28%

July   25%

August   23%

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Queen Canyon Mine


  • Boundary Peak is the highest peak in Nevada.
  • It is only about half a mile (1 km) from the California border.
  • Montgomery Peak at 13,441 feet (4,097 m) is located just across the border in California, and by most definitions Boundary Peak is a sub-peak of Montgomery Peak.
  • Boundary Peak is 82 feet (25 m) higher than the second highest Nevada peak, Wheeler Peak at 13,065 feet (3,982 m).
  • Wheeler Peak is a non sub-peak and is located entirely within Nevada, and is sometimes considered the highest mountain peak in Nevada.
  • peakery considers Boundary Peak the highest peak in Nevada in the US State Highpoints challenge.
"Our goal was to get both Boundary and Montgomery. Too much snow to attempt Montgomery. Some of us opted to do Hosebag and Trail Canyon Saddle Peak on the way down to make up for not getting Montgomery. Guess I will be seeing Boundary again soon!" - MoneyPenny, Jun 3, 2017
"Hiking a number of lower peaks around Queen Mine TH ending up on Trail Canyon Peak about lunch time. Looked over at Boundary and decided to do it even though it was 1PM already. Had a grudge match with Montgomery to finish. With Karl" - tombecht, May 26, 2017
"Tough climb up the southern ridge of Trail Canyon to the ridgeline. Big mistake. Should have stuck with the "established" dirt switchbacks. Took me almost 5 hours to reach the peak while combating rockslides and scrambling on all fours. Only took 1.5 hours to descend." - vegasreo, Jul 23, 2016
"Long drive with little sleep left me slower than I should have been. About a 13 hour day to get up and back. Wanted to hit Montgomery Peak as well, but my speed meant the storm rolling in from the Sierra caught up to us and we had to hustle back after getting a quick photo at the summit." - mrjerz, Dec 19, 2015
"Less than two years after a heart attack that almost ended my life, and less than two months before my friend turned 50, we stood on the summit of Boundary Peak, tired and very happy. The final approach to the top is a scramble across lots of loose rocks, gravel and boulders, which at almost 13,000 feet above sea level was exhausting! Stunning views in all directions, and chocolate cigars to celebrate!!" - jenkinsrj@earthlink.net, Sep 17, 2015



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