10,396 ft / 3,169 m


833 ft / 254 m


80 summits

Top climbing months

June   25%

July   19%

May   16%

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Bonanza Trail

"I've been wanting to hike the whole Bonanza Trail for a while, but my options were a 30+ mile backpack, or setting up 2 groups with a key swap. We decided to do the key swap option. Paula and I started from the Bonanza Trailhead in Cold Creek and followed it up and down all the way to where it ends at the Bristlecone Trail, then followed that to the Lower Bristlecone Trailhead. We bagged Bonanza Peak along the way. We met the other group of Amber, Tre-c, Phoebe and Jodie a little bit past Wood Spring, which was pretty dry. I had been up from Cold Creek up to the Bonanza Peak turnoff and h" - Kevin, Aug 4, 2018
"Quick trip up the trail from Cold Creek. I do this every year around this time to see the flowers. Was a bit dry this year, so not the best flower year. Ran into Friends of NV Wilderness & Backcountry Horsemen doing trail work." - StudioHoodoo, Jun 24, 2018
"Didn't actually summit the Bonanza peak. We hiked over to the "Eagle Eye" arch on the opposite side of the saddle. From the Saddle, we scrambled NW along the opposite ridge line. There is a huge arch about a mile (or so) from the saddle at about 10,000 elevation. There is a summit register located in a rock pile under the arch." - jeffhedrick, Jun 5, 2017
"Went on Date summit with Hubby. Our 1st time on this peak. I passed by it last Sunday when I traversed the entire 16 mile Spring Mtn Divide trail from CC to LC. 3:07hr total moving time for the 9miles and 2,800' gain. Pretty views. Crazy clouds floated by but no rain. " - paula.raimondi, Aug 11, 2015
"From Bonanza TH. Led 6 other hikers from the Overweight Hikers Meetup. This is a really neat and remote area. Saw "wild" horses on the drive up Cold Creek Road. The Bonanza Trail is in great shape and for the most part the grades are pretty gentle compared to the other Mt Charleston area trails. Excellent views when you reach the saddle. Was neat to see Pahrump nearly 8,000 feet below. The route leaves the Bonanza Trail about a mile after the saddle. It is well-cairned, and some semblance of a path in spots but just go up, and you can't miss it. It is actually cairned in 2 diff" - cardsfanlv, Sep 4, 2014



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