2,421 ft / 737 m


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51 summits

Top climbing months

November   30%

March   26%

October   9%

Most climbed route

Fire Road to the North

"From the end of Westwood Street, a dirt road marks the beginning of the hike. Some pathways break off from the main road in the early going, but the direction to go becomes rather straightforward. Great views all around on the climb and on the summit. Turned out to be a decent workout, especially after dropping a few fitness levels the last 2 months." - Peak-Conquistador, Jan 13, 2018
"On the topo map, it said there were not one, but two summit markers. I couldn't find either of them, but I did find some conspicuously summit-marker shaped holes. I don't know if they were removed or stolen, but there's nothing there now." - jimduvall, Nov 23, 2012


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