3,960 ft / 1,207 m


558 ft / 170 m


74 summits

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September  10%

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From Colvin

"Solo. Started out from St Hubert's parking area around 0730, & summited Colvin first. Coming off of Colvin, due to heavy rains the previous night, I was faced with deep sticky mud, and soaking wet rock faces with limited hand holds in many places. On the ascent of Blake, a lot of the trusty root hand-holds had been broken off, limiting me to scrambling to grab scrub brush to get up, and really exhausting me. I had one nice view looking back at Colvin, but ultimately spent a few minutes at the summit submerged in the forest near the trail junction sign. Not my favorite climb. The mud was horren" - kellieirene, Aug 22, 2016
"My wife and I climbed this one on a beautiful warm sunny day along with Blake. Wend up via the Gill Brook trail to the split with Nippletop then up to Colvin into the col and up Blake. A 9 hour hike, great work out, views were great. Hike was real interesting and at times demanding." - hbotc, Aug 20, 2016
"The trip from Colvin is a short one, but the trail does indeed get steep. We were glad of our February decision to not go for Blake. This time with the slight rain it still made the climb interesting. There are no ideal views from Blake, and it was quite an uneventful peak. But perhaps with good weather, you would see a few more sights in the breaks between the trees. " - Kazmuglin, Jun 11, 2016
"Though not quite 4,000 ft., difficulty of getting down and up the col with Colvin makes up for lack of elevation. Wish I'd continued to Pinnacle and Stillwater, but it was late in the day and I was running low on water." - rschainbaum, Jul 25, 2015
"This peak eluded me last time due to fatigue and fading daylight, but not this time. Ross and I continued on from Colvin to bag this. A short, but steep climb to the wooded summit. A little anticlimactic at the summit when we got great views the whole way up. But glad I got to cross this one off the ADK 46er list this weekend. " - MooseHiker, Jun 21, 2014



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