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"Laura, Steve, Tim and I went out and played in the snow. We initially started off bare booting up to Lockwood gap then switched to snowshoes just prior to the spring. We almost didn’t bring the SS as we haven’t been even carrying them for the last two weeks or so. The weekend snowfall brought enough fluff to warrant deploying the SS to at least stay above the underlying ice and get some grip. Above the gap we engaged in the winter treat of trail breaking to the view off of Blackhead and on to the summit. On our descent the clouds began to lift allowing for some views and the sighting of distan" - Nimblefoot, Feb 6, 2018
"Out on a solo hike tagging the three peaks in the Blackhead range. After returning to Lockwood gap from Thomas Cole I headed up to Blackhead to finish the day. Only a few other hikers out on such a nice day." - Nimblefoot, Dec 16, 2017
"The five of us enjoyed a nice wintry stomp acrossed the Blackhead range. Blue sky and bright sun overhead and powdery snow under our feet. A quick tag of the summit and back to the gap slipping, sliding and occasionally skiing the steeper sections." - Nimblefoot, Feb 4, 2017
"We traversed Thomas Cole,Black Dome and Blackhead from Elmer Barnum road to Big Hollow road. From the summit of Black Dome we were joined by a young woman who was working on her Catskill 3500 quest and gave her a lift back to her car on Elmer Barnum road. " - Nimblefoot, Nov 13, 2016
"A thru-hike from Big Hollow road to Elmer Barnum road. We avoided the ice on the Escarpment trail but still from some nice water ice below Lockwood gap and some on the long windy section between the view and the summit. Early spring day!" - Nimblefoot, Mar 8, 2016



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