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"Dutcher Notch Trail - Arizona Mtn. - Blackhead Mtn. | and back. The mosquitoes and the loose rocks on Dutcher Notch trail were bad, but the trail beyond that was fantastic. Went up to scope out locations for an upcoming photo assignment [Escarpment Trail Run]." - SR-Shilling, Jul 21, 2018
"We did a horseshoe hike of Windham High Peak and the Blackhead range. Starting at Peck road and finishing at Barnum road. While we took a break at the junction of the Escarpment and Batavia Kill trails a gentleman came up the Batavia Kill and continued on toward Blackhead, he was the only other hiker we would see all day. On our ascent of Blackhead we picked up his printed map in a zip lock and returned it to him just below the rock ledge with a view back towards WHP. He seemed quite relieved to get it back. During our lunch break on the summit of Blackhead he passed us heading on for Black D" - Nimblefoot, Jul 3, 2018
"I was joined by Steve and Ed for a romp on the Blackhead range today. Strapped on the snowshoes right from the get go to hike over to the normal PA and then onto the trail proper. The climb up to Lockwood gap went smoothly on a packed trail then on our climb to the summit we got hit with a strong breeze that stung our faces and drifted any loose snow from recent flurries. On our descent we found our tracks completely filled in in spots. " - Nimblefoot, Apr 6, 2018
"Laura, Steve, Tim and I went out and played in the snow. We initially started off bare booting up to Lockwood gap then switched to snowshoes just prior to the spring. We almost didn’t bring the SS as we haven’t been even carrying them for the last two weeks or so. The weekend snowfall brought enough fluff to warrant deploying the SS to at least stay above the underlying ice and get some grip. Above the gap we engaged in the winter treat of trail breaking to the view off of Blackhead and on to the summit. On our descent the clouds began to lift allowing for some views and the sighting of distan" - Nimblefoot, Feb 6, 2018
"Out on a solo hike tagging the three peaks in the Blackhead range. After returning to Lockwood gap from Thomas Cole I headed up to Blackhead to finish the day. Only a few other hikers out on such a nice day." - Nimblefoot, Dec 16, 2017



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