9,052 ft / 2,759 m


2 summits

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East ridge

"I was expecting bad weather today so I thought I would head for the white mtns instead of the Sierras. Within a half hour of hiking it started raining and soon after began hailing. I waited at the saddle below the summit as the lightning started to pick up and probably hung out for about 45 mins in the hail till the thunder started to wane. Then I bolted for the summit, signed the register and made a run for it back to my vehicle." - Yosemike, Jul 9, 2015
"Fun desert peak. 4WD helpful on road in, park at mine and scramble up hill behind it until finding use trail. DON'T go to the first summit, follow the use trail around the north side and go to the further, correct summit (shown in summit picture). We found a summit register on the first, lower summit but that is not Black Mountain proper. This is an awesome peak simply due to the views you get of the Sierra across the way. " - calipidder, May 30, 2010


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