13,330 ft / 4,063 m


6 summits

Top climbing months

July   66%

August   16%

September  16%

Most climbed route

west slope

"Black Giant was the 5th of 7 peaks climbed during an 8 day backpacking trip from North lake to South lake.I could see north all the way to the Ritter range and south all the way to Mt. Whitney. Just towering over LeConte canyon. Absolutely fabulous views across the high sierra." - DerekJayRichardson, Sep 25, 2014
"Left camp at 9:30 a.m., hit the peak at 11:30 a.m. Left the peak at 12:15 and was back at camp by 2:00. I hated every part of getting to the peak and every part of coming back down. It was extremely steep and very lose rock. I honestly believed we were going to trigger a rock slide. But I did love the natural high of conquering the peak!" - MoneyPenny, Jul 11, 2014



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