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2,060 ft / 627 m




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Black Dome Range Trail

"We did a horseshoe hike of Windham High Peak and the Blackhead range starting at Peck road and finishing at Barnum road. On our way off the summit of Blackhead we could see some dark sky then began to hear the rumblings of a potential thunderstorm off to our left. Minutes later the clouds started to sprinkle on us which was quite refreshing since we were a bit hot and sweaty from the heat and humidity. Then the pouring rain came soaking us to the skin so now we began to feel a bit chilly. Fortunately it quit just as fast as it started making our climb up to Black Dome more comfortable with wet" - Nimblefoot, Jul 3, 2018
"Ed, Steve and I met in the PA at the end of Big Hollow road to tag BD and TC before heading over to Peck road to ascend Windham HP. A month ago we were here in the Blacks freezing with winter temps. and gusty winds and now we are here sweating in summer-like temps. and nary a breeze. Still bringing the micro spikes just in case as foolish it may seem wearing shorts with temps. heading into the 70’s. Fortunately they remained clipped to our packs unharmed. Today we can enjoy the views from the open ledges on BD, the one near the summit is beginning to grow back in but still worth the climb. On " - Nimblefoot, May 3, 2018
"Ed, Steve and I out for a romp on the Blackhead range. Cool and blustery with the wind almost freezing the side of faces as we ascend Black Dome from Lockwood gap. No great views today so we continue cruising towards Tommy Cole once we hit the summit area." - Nimblefoot, Apr 6, 2018
"So today my original plan was to hike Thomas Cole and Black Dome mountains to check off 2 more mountains off my winter Catskill 3500 requirement. I hiked th he first 1.3 miles and things started to get real difficult between Caudal and Camel's hump. That .7 miles was rough, breaking through 2+ feet of snow drifts basically the whole way. My legs were already tired. I kept falling. Before I even made it to Camel's Hump I was thinking about turning back. I made it up a few minutes later and could see Tommy Cole, just under a mile away. It was hard for me to be that close and have to turn around" - LGH-Topple, Feb 9, 2018
"Laura, Steve, Tim and I went out and played in the snow. After tagging Blackhead we started breaking trail acrossed the remaining peaks, humps and bumps of the range. Sunday’s snowstorm brought back winter but not enough fluff for the rock scrambles. A bit challenging getting up through there with the big shoes on our feet. We persevered with creative hand and foot work and managed to get to the summit view for lunch. On to an easier sashay over to Tommy Cole." - Nimblefoot, Feb 6, 2018



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