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I had planned to camp out there this weekend & do some other stuff, but was hit by a virus out of nowhere like a ton of bricks on Friday. After sitting inside all weekend, I was ready to get out! I had never planned to hike this entire ridge. I thought it would be really monotonous & there are better ridge hikes that I'd rather repeat than do this one. I had been across the highpoint & West Bitter in one trip & the peaks on the NE end in other trips & I thought I was done. Frankly, those are the best parts. But it was nagging me that I hadn't been to the middle section, so decided to go today. It was a perfect choice! I'm still a bit under the weather, so this was easy enough to not be miserable. I still think the entire ridge at once would get really tedious, but I enjoyed doing it in sections & taking different routes. This time I went up the west side right below Middle Bitter, then traversed over to Bitter 3. I then dropped off the west side of Bitter 3 & hiked out a pretty wash which connected to the wash where I was parked. Now I can officially say I'm done with it! Weather was perfect with a wonderful breeze. I saw more jack rabbits than I've ever seen on a hike & lots of feral horses near Bitter Spring. The mistletoe is in bloom & so wonderfully fragrant. Spring is here! I took the Bitter Spring Road from Redstone & then branched left on an unmarked ohv trail which runs all the way out between Peak 3035 & the east end of Bitter Ridge. That section of road is in decent shape to where I parked just in front of the ridge. Past there, it gets pretty rough for a stretch.

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