12,431 ft / 3,789 m


2,451 ft / 747 m


11 summits

Top climbing months

June   27%

February   18%

August   9%

Most climbed route

Ute Trail

"Wanted to see Bison Peak in the winter so I put on my snow shoes and off I went. I saw a few hikers before the snow got deep, and from there I was trail blazing. Some times the snow was up to my crotch but still I marched on. As I cam out of tree line onto the plateau the wind kept the snow from piling and I hike the rest of the way without the snow shoes. A very good day all by myself. " - Brandon-Shinsplint-, Feb 13, 2016
"Nice day in the Lost Creek Wilderness! From the Ute Trail, I made the summit of Bison Peak then continued over to McCurdy Mountain. Round trip distance was about 17 miles and 6000' vertical gain." - WaxDr, Jun 20, 2015
"Bison Peak is a 12er in Jefferson, CO located in the Lost Creek Wilderness. The trail in total about 14 miles worth of hiking. Not a lot of information can be found on this hike, as 12ers are not quite so popular. This is a good, strenuous hike and is almost all up hill. The climb is worth it though to be able to see the awesome granite formations first hand. It is always amazing to me, the transition from tree line to above tree line, and Bison is no exception. I really enjoyed this trip and will probably do it again some day. I hiked this with my buddy Kyle McCabe. There is some good informa" - Brandon-Shinsplint-, Aug 31, 2014



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