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It was my birthday weekend, so went out to one of my favorite areas to camp & hike. I had climbed Boba Fett, Tatooine & Leia Peaks earlier in the day & then found a really nice camp spot. I could see this peak from camp & wanted to climb up before sunset. I thought the east side would be a gentle, easy walk up, but it turned out to be covered in huge boulders. I made my way up the south ridge, with careful route finding through the huge boulders. I crossed the ridge & made the final scramble up to the top. The views of Gale Hills were amazing. I descended the west slope below the summit & that was much easier than my ascent route. ***Note: This area is accessed via the West End Wash Road which has extreme deep, loose gravel right now because of the lack of rain. I've seen two separate groups very stuck in the gravel in the past few weeks. One group was in a beefy 4WD SUV. Make sure you have high clearance, 4WD & know how to drive in gravel to access this area.

Route to summit

Unknown route


road/access issues, routefinding, bushwhacking, rockfall/loose rock

Key gear

trekking poles