7,826 ft / 2,385 m


306 ft / 93 m


8 summits

Top climbing months

July   37%

November   25%

April   12%

Most climbed route

Oak Glen Divide Trail

"Yucaipa Ridge Traverse! Allen to Little San Gorgonio. Stashed a bike at the Vivian Creek TH, then drove back and left the car at the entrance to the Bearpaw Reserve. From Little San G, descended a sketchy gully to Mill Creek then a quick bike ride to close the loop. The Oak Glen Divide Trail was mostly easy to follow, but lots of blowdowns." - klotito, Apr 22, 2018
"3rd peak of 3-peak traverse (Allen-6237-Birch) from Bearpaw Reserve TH. Hike totals for all 3 peaks was 15.6 miles r/t w/4,375' elevation gain on roads, maint/unmaint trails, bushwhack. Good intermediate length traverse, good navigation exercise also!" - BradStemm, Jul 18, 2016
"GPS is essential up there. You can lose the trail very easily, as I did several times. An incredibly wild wilderness on the Yucaipa Ridge. I saw bear tracks everywhere. I want to go back for a week. " - jimduvall, Jul 3, 2015



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