4,145 ft / 1,263 m

#12 in Maine

#35,869 in United States


2,855 ft / 870 m

#5 in Maine

#454 in United States


88 summits

#6 in Maine

#341 in United States

Top climbing months

July   20%

September  19%

August   15%

Most climbed route

Fire Warden's Trail

10.0 mi • 3,153 ft gain


  • Mount Bigelow is a long mountain ridge with several summits; the highest is West Peak at 4,145 ft and is one of Maine's highest summits.
  • Subpeaks include Avery Peak at 4,088 ft, The Horns at 3,805 ft, Cranberry Peak at 3,194 ft, and Little Bigelow Mountain at about 3,070 ft.
  • The Appalachian Trail traverses Bigelow Mountain.
  • Much of the mountain and surrounding area is part of the 10,540-acre Bigelow Preserve, created in 1976 in response to a massive proposed ski resort.
  • The Appalachian Mountain Club considers both the West Peak and Avery Peak of Bigelow to be 4000-footers because Avery Peak rises more than 200 ft above the col that adjoins it to the higher West Peak.
  • By this same criteria, the South Horn of Bigelow, while under 4,000 ft, qualifies for the New England Hundred Highest list.
17 summits • 10.0 mi • 3,153 ft gain • 6 hr 21 min