4,145 ft / 1,263 m


2,855 ft / 870 m


64 summits

Top climbing months

July   22%

September  18%

October   16%

Most climbed route

Fire Warden's Trail


  • Mount Bigelow is a long mountain ridge with several summits; the highest is West Peak at 4,145 ft and is one of Maine's highest summits.
  • Subpeaks include Avery Peak at 4,088 ft, The Horns at 3,805 ft, Cranberry Peak at 3,194 ft, and Little Bigelow Mountain at about 3,070 ft.
  • The Appalachian Trail traverses Bigelow Mountain.
  • Much of the mountain and surrounding area is part of the 10,540-acre Bigelow Preserve, created in 1976 in response to a massive proposed ski resort.
  • The Appalachian Mountain Club considers both the West Peak and Avery Peak of Bigelow to be 4000-footers because Avery Peak rises more than 200 ft above the col that adjoins it to the higher West Peak.
  • By this same criteria, the South Horn of Bigelow, while under 4,000 ft, qualifies for the New England Hundred Highest list.
"Drove up to Maine from NH in the morning. Got to trailhead at around 11:45am. Hiked up the fire wardens trail to Col between peaks. Hiked up to Avery peak first and sat to enjoy the views, then headed back to Col. Onward to West peak and more nice views from there and on to South Horn. From the Horn hiked down to Horn pond lean-tos, refilled water and then hiked Horn pond trail back to Fire Wardens trail. Made camp along the pond headed out toward trailhead." - blackwolf_03278, Jun 15, 2018
"After the Horn, 4 of us continued on towards West Peak. We had to break trail doing this. I didn't do well on this part and definitely did the least amount of trailbreaking. Doug was trying to prove something for networking purposes, so he did the majority of the ascent up the top. The summit was windy. We couldn't stay long because of the brutal wind chill. Incredible views. " - newenglandwarrior, Dec 30, 2017
"Wild morning on the summit. Cold and insane wind gusts, had to have been around 50 or 60 mph. Quite scary out on the open summit. Snapped a few pics and video and booked it off of the summit to get below tree line. It was a harrowing decent with the wind pounding us from the side." - mikewilliamsjr, Oct 1, 2017
"The Bigelow Range is a really great hike. Cool weather was good as this summit really takes it out of you. Just wished for a little more sun at the top. But the views from both peaks are incredible. Wide sweeping views in all directions, especially north to see the entire Flagstaff Lake. Sugarloaf Ski Area to the south." - Alohabuffy, Aug 9, 2017
"Headed up the fire wardens trail after dropping Kim off for a 17 mile slack pack. Ran in to Mountain Goat from Australia and chatted with her while waiting for Kim to arrive. Beautiful views from the summit." - LGH-Tom, Sep 19, 2016



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