6,680 ft / 2,036 m


1,360 ft / 415 m


3 summits

Top climbing months

June   33%

July   33%

September  33%

Most climbed route

Dingford Creek/ Myrtle Lake

"The drive from Renton was a little rainy, but it let up the I crossed up the Middle Fork Snoqualmie road, which was riddled with potholes as usual. The dingford creek trailhead was about halfway full when I arrived at 3 a.m. The five and a half miles to Myrtle Lake was a bit of a slog, taking me nearly 2 1/2 hours. The surprisingly high temp of over 60 before sunrise made the 2500' gain a sweaty venture. There is an amazing variety of fungi and shelf along the Dingford Creek Trail. I also encountered several large salamanders sitting in the middle of the trail, all of them seemingly indiff" - Jeb, Sep 14, 2013
"Started trip from Dingford Creek trailhead. Proceeded off trail from Myrtle Lake and ascended to Big Snow Lake where we set up base camp. The next day we summitted Big Snow Mountain and spent the night on the summit. Descended the next day to Big Snow Lake, and then back to our car a couple days later. " - paulhuddleston, Jul 18, 1986



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