3,381 ft / 1,031 m


2,298 ft / 700 m


3 summits

Top climbing months

February   33%

March   33%

December   33%

Most climbed route

X-country to DPS trail

"Started up big west wash, but after frequent bouldering in the wash, I then decided to go cross-country up the first left wash and climb up the ridge. The rock in the steeper parts, as you are climbing up to the ridge, is very crumbly or the rocks are loose, so it is slow going and straight up. This exercise took me too far west and I had to follow the ridge line east until I came across the DPS ridge route. I followed the cairns to the top. Calling it a trail is a bit ambitious. On the way down I took the DPS route which was pretty difficult going down also. Overall a pretty difficult c" - srphilip, Dec 5, 2013



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