9,151 ft / 2,789 m


927 ft / 283 m


7 summits

Top climbing months

August   28%

November   28%

January   14%

"Great two-peak day! Berrian was a partial bushwhack (at least the way I did it), and there was enough snow/ice that micro spikes definitely helped. Afterward, I drove to 3 Sisters Park and Hiked up Elephant Butte, which was also a really fun hike with great views." - LGH-Dan, Nov 18, 2017
"A well hidden treasure, it was only by mistake that I discovered this mountain was on public land. I had hiked Meyer Ranch for years, and seen this mountain hundreds of times, and never knew it was accessible to the public. It is registered as part of Denver Mountain Parks, but you will find no mention of it on their sight. Only a quarter mile up the trail we ran into some trouble, and lost the path in a section that has been clear cut and wood chipped which erased the path, but we were able to find the path again once our accent cleared the cut zone and got back into the trees. This " - peterwaugaman, Jul 13, 2014



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