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440 ft / 134 m


28 summits

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March   17%

January   17%

June   10%

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Bernardo Mountain Trail

"Took me a while to find the trailhead, which is in San Dieguito River Park, on the opposite side of the freeway. The trail begins on a bike path which crosses under the freeway and parallels Lake Hodges. In under 2 miles, the trail reaches the Bernardo Mountain Summit Trail. This trail meanders around the other side of the mountain before climbing to the summit. Great views from the top, while wiping the sweat away from my eyes!" - Peak-Conquistador, Sep 12, 2017
"Hiked from the parking lot next to the nursing home to the peak. The trail does not gain any elevation for about the first mile and then has a fairly consistent grade. Not very technically or physically challenging. " - jakeshurer, Jan 29, 2017
"Sunset hike. Juuust missed it. Summit register is rather extravagant (leather bound with clasp) for a local peak. Many large snake tracks crossing the path. Coyotes howling after the sun went down. Saw an owl and bats. Pedestrian bridge stays open, contrary to the signage." - benjineer, Sep 28, 2014
"Sunset hike! We left from the South side of Lake Hodges near the freeway and walked over the new pedestrian bridge. The sign says the bridge closes at 9pm. Not sure if it actually does, but there are gates..." - benjineer, Jun 28, 2012
"Great hike with the kids. All kinds of plants and flowers and insects. Beautiful day. Saw a crawfish, tarantula, and numerous other species. Excellent learning experience and exercise all in one." - jfennelly, Aug 27, 2011



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