Belfry Mountain
January 3rd, 2019

11:02a Well this is gonna be a short one, we started our hike at about 10:50a-ish and made it to the top in what seemed like 5 minutes. Belfry is definitely on my top 5 list of favorite mountains because of that. When we started I had my microspikes on but my friend Ben did not so he was slipping all over the place due to the amount of powder-snow covering a thick smooth layer of ice. When we reached the top we went up into the fire tower took some pictures, hung out and now we are ready to head back down about 30 minutes later or so, we spent more time in the tower than doing the actual hike.

11:36a We are now back down to the car, the hike down was a bit rougher. We ended up sliding down most of it and I actually at one point slipped, fell and landed on my elbow. (Even as I sit at home typing this for my electronic copy it is swollen and hurts a lot.) We eventually made it out but we had a lot of fun. One and a half hour drive for 45 minutes of playing in a tower and in the snow… worth it.

Feet | Meters
Natural Atlas (US)
Route to summit

Belfry Mt. Trail


0.8 mi / 1.3 km total

0.3 mi / 0.4 km up


50 min total

8 min up


355 ft / 108 m gain

1,616 ft / 493 m start


road/access issues, snow on route, weather

Key gear

crampons, snowshoes, GPS device