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Appalachian Trail

"Getting North Beacon and Bear mtns for the month of December. What started off as a sunny blue sky day has now turned into more overcast. Trails much more drier on Bear compared to the sloppiness on North Beacon. Despite the cloudending of the sky the view down the Hudson River was still decent. A number of cyclists were taking advantage of the nice weather and Perkins drive being snow free so getting in more hill climbs to the summit of Bear mtn." - Nimblefoot, Dec 1, 2018
"Out hiking some local peaks and searching for bench marks. The fourth and final peak of the day that started off nice with blue sky and sunshine then quickly became overcast and breezy. On top near the tower I find a small bus and many seniors wandering about taking selfies with the view and each other. They were surprised to see me wearing shorts on such a cool day....hey it's not winter yet! Checked out the three bench marks on the rock outcropping, two have arrows pointing toward the third the highest." - Nimblefoot, Nov 7, 2017
"Tom, Steve and I spent the day with two friends who are thru-hiking the Appalachian trail. Today Cathy and Kate are slackpacking a section from South Highlands road in Fahnestock SP to Bear mountain. After rendezvousing with Anna a second time, now on Rt 9D next the Hudson River, the ladies get to cross the Bear Mountain bridge and interact with the variety of animals in the zoo before reaching the Bear Mountain Inn. On the bridge they meet up with 82 year old Grey Beard, a fellow flip-flopper, who is in the process of setting a new record for oldest thru-hiker by a few months." - Nimblefoot, Oct 4, 2017
"Finally a Fall-like cool morning after a week of warm humid days. Out bagging three peaks for my Hudson Valley grid on the last nice day of September. My first time hiking up Bear via the AT from the Bear Mtn Inn in quite some time even though it is only 15 minutes from my house. I got to see all the fine rock steps and staircases the volunteers have built over the last couple of years. A fantastic improvement over the old trail but sadly blemished by lazy individuals who must leave behind tissues, bottles and cans and other general garbage. Once on top I had the open tower to myself despite " - Nimblefoot, Sep 29, 2017
"Humid, overcast day. Major Welch Trail was closed for maintenance, which was disappointing, so I took the Appalachian Trail up and back. Views from the top were pretty good, but would probably have been better from the other side." - RSperling, Sep 28, 2015



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