13,733 ft / 4,185 m


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July   50%

September  20%

June   10%

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Ulrich's Route

"Did this as a trip to test out and expand my comfort zone with unprotected climbing. This was my first real class 4 without protection. With that said I'd recommend this as a first class 4 to anyone. The views are very rewarding and none of the moves are particularly hard if you've ever rock climbed or done bouldering. The final move at the top to reach the true summit is truly attention getting but trivial if you also bring along rock shoes like I did." - Irrationalist, Sep 6, 2015
"Awesome 3-4th class scramble with a 5th class ridge traverse. My first backcountry lead! It was just so much awesome rock. It took us pretty much the whole day and it was dark by the time we got down but we were both so very happy doing it." - paperpanther, Sep 18, 2010
"Great climb! Amazing summit block! Beautiful area! Climbed in hiking boots and no rope. Route finding wasn't as bad as everyone says. Probably my favorite 4th class route so far!" - platypii, Jun 29, 2009



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