Solo. Started out around 1145 (I know, right?! I did not want to go hiking today...)

Windy! So windy. No register, as this lies on a bunch of private land (thanks to the landowner for allowing folks to use it!). There was another car on the side of the road when I started up the trail, so I knew I would run into someone eventually. I took about five steps into the woods before I stopped to put on my microspikes, the trail was a sheet of solid ice under a little dusting of snow.

Temperatures were mild in the 30’s with lots of sunshine and puffy clouds, a couple of flurries around.

The trail is a very nicely engineered switchback trail, making it a very pleasant meandering walk in the woods. The elevation gain was mild and comfortable. I did see the folks who I had parked by on their way down when I was about 3/4 mile in. Looking at their tracks, it appeared they visited the first viewpoint on trail & then headed back. I continued on and was rewarded with beautiful views of many, many mountains I have climbed, and it was apparent it was snowing on Marcy today as it had its own personal weather system going on. Cool to look at from afar, wouldn’t want to be in it.

Made short work of this trail, nice to be out and about, but hoping this cold I picked up doesn’t linger, just not feeling 100%- thankfully this was a short sweet hike.


1.4 mi to summit

2.8 mi total


no info yet


797 ft gain


42 min to summit

1 hr 26 min total

Route name

Baxter Mt. Trail


no info yet

Key gear

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