4,827 ft / 1,471 m


725 ft / 221 m


95 summits

Top climbing months

September  23%

August   22%

July   17%

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from Haystack

"Had to be one of the greatest days to hike, cool and breezy, clear skies. The hike up Saddleback and Basin was awesome. We started from the Garden parking area made our way to Johns Brook Lodge followed the Ore Bed Brook trail, climbed the stairs on the slide of Saddleback made it to the summit, down the south side and up to Basin. Went down the south side of Basin to the gorge between Basin and Haystack. Then we went back via the trail to Slant Rock lean to and the trail to Johns Brook Lodge. Toughest part was hiking down Saddleback, a bit tricky and steep, I would rather hike up that way!" - hbotc, Aug 26, 2017
"Solo. Haystack, Basin, Saddleback. After summiting Haystack and being severely disappointed at being socked in, I grumpily race-hiked back to the junction& continued on my way up to Basin. Imagine my delighted surprise when after pulling myself up a particularly wet rock slide I looked over my shoulder just in time to watch a wild wind give me a short but gorgeous view! Feeling more confident I dragged my ass up some more wet slippery roots and rocks, no longer bothering to wipe my hands off on my pants to dry them as it was a lost cause. When I got onto the summit I was so, so stoked to see a" - kellieirene, Sep 28, 2016
"The Real Marcy’s Playground: A One Day Great Range Traverse From the inception of my days as a hiker, I’ve strived to get better—both in terms of my mental and physical well-being. For some reason, the former has been appeased by abusing the latter to the point of misery. What exactly do I mean by that? Insanity fuels my happiness. More specifically, hiking 25 miles with roughly 9400 feet of elevation gain in one day is my cup of tea. I had been eyeing a one day Great Range Traverse for a long time. I talked it up and talked it up to the point where it seemed as if it had already been d" - justinraphaelson, Sep 5, 2015
"Why is it the mountains seem to be getting tougher? Well, probably because this is the 3rd mtn out of 4 for the day. Encountered a group of 5 or 6 people also heading up. They were impressed that I had already done Marcy and Haystack that day. Views were nice from the summit. There was another viewpoint on the northern side of the summit where you could look further down the Great Range. " - newenglandwarrior, Sep 4, 2015
"We joined two friend as they completed their 46er journey with a hike of HaBaSa. The loop from the Garden is ~18.9 miles with a significant amount of gain but it is one of the best hikes in the High Peaks. The cliffs were nice an easy today as their was no wind." - deb-and-rob, Aug 8, 2015



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