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421 ft / 128 m


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August   40%

April   20%

May   20%

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east couliar

"Day 1 of Eastern Sierra backcountry skiing trip. After some exciting 4WDing we started out on the way late side (only 1 of the 4 of us was a morper aka morning person). At a fast clip (too fast for day 1!) we skinned up the firm, unending slopes to the right of the main gully, the defining feature of the lower slopes of Basin. Overcast skies kept us cool but the altitude started to kick my ass. A couple hrs in and I started falling behind. Nearing the Basin I finally fell apart. Heartbeat in the head etc. I bailed out on a rock and watched my friends zigzagging up toward the shoulder of South " - scott, Apr 20, 2011



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