5,210 ft / 1,588 m


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June   22%

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September  22%

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Bare Mountain Trail 1037

"Two weeks ago I attempted to combine Bare mountain, Canoe peak, and Lennox Mountain into a long day hike. A blown out tire 10 miles down the North fork road cut the day short after the first summit, but a bit of route scouting confirmed that snow would continue to ease the off-trail traverse for a few more weeks. Today I got an early start on the trail with my boy Automahn. The sky was clear for most of the day, which softened the cascade concrete just enough to allow solid footing without requiring flotation devices. I considered following the old road-trail to it's end and ascending past " - Jeb, Jun 22, 2013
"I was ahead of schedule heading down the North Fork Snoqualmie River Rd in the new 4x4, stoked on a beautiful day in the mountains when I ran over some kind of metal trash in the road and blew out a tire. Four hours later I finally arrived at the trailhead for Bare Mountain Trail #1037 in surprisingly good spirit. The trail is in decent shape after recent maintenance, but encroaching vegetation will soon make for at least a mile of serious bushwhacking. There are a few blowdowns and some water on the trail, and one serious creek crossing over slick logs. Snow appeared sporadically around 40" - Jeb, Jun 9, 2013


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