12,936 ft / 3,942 m


863 ft / 263 m


11 summits

Top climbing months

August   45%

September  27%

July   18%

Most climbed route

East Face/Ritter-Banner Saddle


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"Attempted a Ritter-Banner dayclimb. The snowclimb to the Ritter-Banner saddle was in horrible shape this late in the season and I wasted alot of time slogging up the loose snow. I topped out on Banner just before noon just as thunderstorms started immediately overhead. The worst part is had it not been for the storms, I would have had more than enough time and energy for both. I had to descend from the saddle instead of climbing the North Face of Ritter as planned, and lost my ice axe during a glissade. Whoever gets to it first- finders keepers. Complete TR: http://themtsarecalling.com/bann" - Christopher, Aug 21, 2016



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