5,241 ft / 1,597 m


961 ft / 292 m




45 summits

Top climbing months

June   30%

July   24%

May   14%

Most climbed route

Ira Spring

"Hiked To little Bandera and then onto the summit of Bandera Mountain. It snowed hard when we got to little Bandera. Hiked through snow and scrambled over big boulders. Amazing hike! Lots of Bear grass and pink heather." - joeerickson, Jun 10, 2018
"Ira Springs TH to Little Bandera to Bandera. Pretty warm, 5 liters for the two of us was just right. Wouldn't have minded another liter. Trail in good shape, though it got a bit harder to read after Little Bandera." - mathiasricken, Aug 27, 2017
"Quick after-lunch trip out into the rain. Rain turned to flurries up on the Little Bandera ridge. Totally fogged in up there... never could see Mason Lake right below us. Wet, slick talus and only one patch of snow between Little Bandera and Bandera. We were struck at how the Bandera summit just looked like a giant cairn. For 2 minutes we caught glimpses of Island Lake, but then the fog closed in. A quick summit selfie and we were outie." - scott, May 13, 2015
"The boot path from Little Bandera to Bandera Summit winds back and forth between the North and South of a ridge and over two small peaks, often going through thick patches of Hemlock. Put simply, not easy to follow. But well worth it, don't let anybody fool you, there is a great view from the main summit" - Jeb, Sep 13, 2011



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