3,730 ft / 1,137 m


480 ft / 146 m


105 summits

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October   16%

March   13%

June   11%

"I hauled my way down Graham and over to Balsam Lake. The views were on point as usual and there was a nice breeze up in the tower to cut the humidity. I laid up on one of the landings for over an hour and even caught a few quick z's." - Right-On, Aug 15, 2018
"Laura and her dog Lily joined Tom, Steve and I for a morning romp up to the fire tower on BLM. Tom and I climbed up to the top landing to get a view but unfortunately the low cloud cover obscured everything in all directions. Once back down we said goodbye to Laura & Lily and headed over to Johnson Hollow to hike up Vly and Bearpen. As long as the heat doesn’t cook us too much we will finish our on Panther mtn. " - Nimblefoot, Jul 5, 2018
"Eight of us did a combo of six peaks from Millbrook road to Rider Hollow. Some of us took in the view from the fire tower on highest landing as the cab was locked and no volunteer was present. Comfortable temperature and so far no black flies." - Nimblefoot, May 26, 2018
"Once again Laura’s dog, Lily, joined us for hike with today’s destination of Graham and BLM. The breezy bite of winter still lingering on our saunter out to Graham eased up a bit on our climb of BLM. The appearance of blue sky and sunshine made the day feel a bit warmer as we bare booted on a packed track. We enjoyed a snack or two on the summit picnic table which is still emerging from the deep snow." - Nimblefoot, Apr 5, 2018
"Hiked up to to the Fire tower on BLM to finish my 26th round of the Catskill35. A nice packed track all the way made for an easy ascent and a speedy descent. Took some shortcuts on the way down just to play in the deeper snow and be creative. Finished the day by visiting another fire tower on Red Hill." - Nimblefoot, Mar 26, 2018



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